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我們的支持小組每個月的第二個星期四 7:00-8:30 在勞倫斯維爾的奧羅拉劇院會面。劇院附近有一個免費的帶頂棚的停車平台(入口位於 153 E. Crogan Street)。請使用停車場入口並按照標誌前往會議室。極光劇院要求在建築物內佩戴口罩。請安排托兒服務,因為我們的支持小組會議面向成人(18 歲以上)和青少年(13-18 歲)。

Available Groups...

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該小組適用於任何和所有成年家庭、朋友、盟友和 LGBTQ+ 個人

該支持小組僅適用於成年 LGBTQ+ 個人。


PFLAG Connects: Communities

     PFLAG National seeks to connect people with shared experiences each month in virtual support meetings. The Zoom meetings gather people of Latino, Black/African-American, and Asian-American & Pacific Islander backgrounds to connect in a safe online environment so that you can ask questions and receive support from others who have been through similar experiences. See if one of these communities is right for you:

             Black/African American Community

             Latino Community / Comunidad Latina

             Asian-American & Pacific Islander Community

Upcoming Events...

Our calendar of events includes the meeting dates of our sister chapters as well as ours. We encourage people to explore what each chapter has to offer in order to find one that best meets their needs. Some even choose to be involved in multiple chapters. :)

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